What a Summer!!!

Most of you know that we are still recovering of getting use to a “New Normal” in dealing with Covid-19. So, I wanted to give you an update on upcoming events and opportunities. Here are the current promotions that are going on…

“First Responders” (Active Military, Veterans, Police, Fire, Health Care Professionals, Teachers) I’m giving you a 10% discount off the following services:

“Home Inspections Services”


“Residential Design Preliminary Services”

Just produce documentation supporting your claim as a “First Responders” and you will receive your 10% discount.

This offer will end on December 31, 2020.

“NACA members”, I wanted to say congratulations for you going through the NACA Home Buyers Program on home ownership. So as a thank you for you going through the program. Just produce your NACA ID # and you will receive your 10% discount.

This offer will end September 30, 2020.

“New Decade – New Home Seminar Series”, that was schedule for September 12, 2020 has been reschedule to October 31, 2020. The formal format was to do a live presentation but due to the current Covid-19 health issue, it will be an “Online” presentation.

More detail information is coming to you soon.

As a reminder, People, Places & Things LLC and PPT Inspections are still operating safe practices until further notices. These safe practices including the following…

    Clients should limit the number of people attending inspections to as few, as necessary.

    All parties should meet the inspector in front of the property- NOT inside the property.

    Inspectors will provide disposable (non-vinyl) gloves for each participant. Masks will not be provided but may be brought and worn if desired.

    All gloves used during inspection will be collected and disposed of immediately upon exiting the home.

    Sanitary wipes and/or hand sanitizer will always be accessible during the property inspection.

It is important to recognize that as home inspectors and rehab consultants, we are entering homes and touching surfaces that may be contaminated by this virus. During the entire process, we need to stay focused on the home buying activity and the process of the inspection.

That is all for now.

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