Universal: embracing a major part or the greatest portion (as of humankind)

Soul: the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe

According to John Lester – “Life Mastery Training”

Universal Principle: For true individuality to occur we each need to identify truth for ourselves and that is only achieved through the individual’s own creation of their own beliefs and through discussing them with loving and trustworthy others until complete agreement is achieved.

These three principles are:

THE BODY (The material and instinctual world of our relationships with Earth, Water & Fire and with Physicality, Security & Relationships)

THE HEART (The perceptual and emotional world of our relationships with Air, with Attitudes and Feelings and with Self Worth, Self-Love, Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Self Image) 

THE MIND (The conceptual and intellectual world of our relationships with Communication, with Inspiration, Creativity and Self Realization and with completion of the Soul, all in alignment with Spirit)

Spirit is the same as Universal Principle and Natural Law. It is essential that all three aspects of the human condition are contemplated, experienced and aligned with each other in order to achieve a balanced Belief System, a Truth Based Reality and Aware-Will-Consciousness.

Universal Design: is about creating an attractive, stylish space that everyone, regardless of age, size, or ability, can live in or visit. A home with Universal Design makes it easier for residents to live in, and for guests to visit now and in the future, even as everybody’s needs and abilities change.

Okay, you may think that this is a marketing ploy? Well guess what?

It is – a marketing ploy.

Why? There are a lot of housing opportunities out there, make sure your decision on one is the right one… No matter how much you paid for it, it will be the most important, expensive investment that you will make.

That what’s make “Uni-Soul” so special.

Uni-soul is a new direction for People, Places & Things LLC (PPT) as we are taken ““Unique Home Consultant Advisors” to another level.