Light at the end

Okay, being “Staying in Place” at home is beginning to get to us. However, hope is on the horizon as in Michigan, May 1 is fast approaching and the state government will have to make some important decisions. It does not mean that we will be getting our lives back before Covid-19 but it means that we will began to do a slow burn back to becoming a normal society. As the weather gets warmer and some of our industries are getting to go back to work (housing market, I hope), golf course (please) and attending church service in person (cannot wait) we will live by the specter of seeing if the health experts gets the prediction correct on Covid-19 second wave is coming or if we as a society can withstand a possible “Staying in Place” order during the summer or fall months.

Since I am an opportunist at heart, I am hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. So, until the time we are getting the all clear from the proper authorities, PPT Inspection process under Covid-19 will continue.


Because even when other industries will be permitted to go back to work (housing market), there will be a transition period and during that time the protection of the client and their representatives, seller and their representatives and to myself will be paramount. As a reminder…

  • Clients should limit the number of people attending inspections to as few, as necessary.
  • All parties should meet the inspector in front of the property- NOT inside the property.
  • Inspectors will provide disposable (non-vinyl) gloves for each participant. Masks will not be provided but may be brought and worn if desired.
  • All gloves used during inspection will be collected and disposed of immediately upon exiting the home.
  • Sanitary wipes and/or hand sanitizer will always be accessible during the property inspection.

It is important to recognize that as home inspectors and/or rehab consultants, we are entering homes and touching surfaces that may be contaminated by this virus. During the entire process, we need to stay focused on the home buying activity and the process of the inspection.

Hope that helps and its almost over. Yay.