The Covid 19 Pandemic is real…

Whether you personally ascribe to the validity or severity of the crisis, others are. For that reason, I believe it is time to start taking actions to provide calm and confidence to our employees, clients, referral partners and the community in general.

These are the actions that PPT Inspections are implementing in order to assist with your protection during property inspections. That these measures include the following:

  • Clients should limit the number of people attending inspections to as few as necessary.
  • All parties should meet the inspector in front of the property- NOT inside the property.
  • Inspectors will provide disposable (non-vinyl) gloves for each participant. Masks will not be provided but may be brought and worn if desired.
  • All gloves used during inspection will be collected and disposed of immediately upon exiting the home.
  • Sanitary wipes and/or hand sanitizer will always be accessible during the property inspection.

It is important to recognize that as home inspectors, residential designers or rehab consultants, we are entering homes and touching surfaces that may be contaminated by this virus. During the entire process, it should be stressed that conversation should NOT include discussion of the current health situation/crisis (everyone knows it by now) but stay focused on the home buying activity and the process of the inspection.

By using reasonable, common sense practices, we are showing our customers that it is “business as usual”- with a few adjustments. Your referral partners and clients will appreciate your pro-active efforts on their behalf and will see you as the calm, caring professional who knows the importance of their home buying process but also recognizes the need for extra precautions during this time.

I hope these suggestions will be useful to you over the next weeks and months – as the situation resolves.

If you have any tips or suggestions, please comment and remember, we are all in this together.


Walter L. Williams – President

People, Places & Things LLC – Residential Design, Architectural Drafting and Space Planning

PPT Inspections – Home Inspection, Building / Site Inspection and HUD 203k Consultant



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